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Doug Kean

Doug Kean

South Riding/Chantilly, VA


Photography is an evolving art form for me. I started many years ago with scenic landscapes and travel. Then it became professional work with people with a decided emphasis on feminine beauty. And now I'm fascinated with the energies of the universe that are not often within our physical vision. Broadly speaking, I call this orb photography. But the truth is, if you look closely at some of these images, you'll see anomalies that don't quite fit the round and colorful shapes that orbs generally have. This intrigues me all the more.

Though I have a full complement of professional photographic equipment, honestly some of my best shots are with high quality consumer cameras. There are many articles as to why this might be. Clearly, it begs for further research. But regardless, my focus is on creating the most pleasing images I can, that capture these detailed and colorful energy forms. Of course, I want people to see the shots and to enjoy all their elements. Moreover, I want us to realize there is so much more to our world than meets the eye. Please find joy, comfort, and a tinge of excitement at seeing what I've captured of the world that surrounds us.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not digitally fabricated images at all. They are all original photos taken straight from the camera with only two minor adjustments. I've increased the contrast and sharpened them to a very small degree. I've done so simply because any images taken in low light conditions tend to be a little bit muddy in appearance.Other than that, they are untouched and very often uncropped.

My personal take on this phenomenon is that I've had a truly interactive experience with them. The more I attempt to capture them with my camera, the more frequently they appear and often the more complex and beautiful are the results. I'm still young in my exploration and I don't have answers to all the hows and whys. Yet I'm learning. Meanwhile, not a week goes by that I haven't had the experiential pleasure of adding a few more awesome images to my collection.

These galleries will be updated regularly because I'm sharing my exploration with you. Perhaps you'll find the same feelings of wonder and peace that I do in appreciating each of these unique images. I love those that are displayed in my home. They're a focal point that sparks fun conversation. Please consider having an image or two of your own.

Even if you don't, thanks for sharing in my experience.


The Pretender by Doug Kean


My Personal Backyard Moon by Doug Kean


In the Company of the Moon by Doug Kean


Leaving So Soon by Doug Kean


Three and a Tree by Doug Kean


What in the Universe is That by Doug Kean


Nature's Rocket Launch by Doug Kean


Serenity Blue by Doug Kean


Beauty Unidentified by Doug Kean


Nature's Fireworks by Doug Kean


Almost Like Christmas by Doug Kean


MegaOrbs by Doug Kean


The Blues by Doug Kean


Green and Serene by Doug Kean


Orbs and Friend by Doug Kean


All Aglow by Doug Kean


Nature's Watchful Eye by Doug Kean


Unknown Soldier by Doug Kean


Field of Dreaminess by Doug Kean


Sentinel Orb by Doug Kean


Stunning over Stall by Doug Kean


As Dawn Breaks by Doug Kean


Orb Supreme by Doug Kean


Forest Energy by Doug Kean


Orange Orb Energy by Doug Kean